Columbian Shark Fish Care

Written by flyinry on March 10, 2011

The Columbian Shark is actually a catfish that looks like a shark, that is why it’s name is so common in the aquarium industry. They can grow pretty large in the aquarium, up to 10 inches. This shark has a high fin and long “whiskers” that gives it a classic catfish look.

When setting up a tank for a Columbian Shark make sure it is at least 55 gallons. Also, provide plenty of plants and rocks to represent its natural environment. Make sure to also add some salt to your water because this fish is a brackish water fish in the wild.

Scientific Name: Arius jordani
Common Names: Columbian Shark, Black Fin Shark, Jordan’s Catfish.
Beginner Fish: No, It is peaceful but needs a large tank.
Size: 10 inches
pH: 7-7.5
Water Temperature: 74-79 degrees.
Lifespan: 5-10 years
Water Hardness: 10-12 dH
Natural Habitat: Central America, North American, South America.
Behavior: A Peaceful Shark that is a bottom dweller.
Breeding: Difficult in aquarium.
Tank Mates: Other large freshwater sharks, or catfish.
Feeding: Omnivorous. Loves to eat algae wafers, and sinking pellets.
Tank Region: Bottom of the tank.
Gender: Males have a deeper color shade.
Similar Species: Catfish