Written by flyinry on August 7, 2011

Red Terror

The Red Terror Cichlid gets it’s name for a reason. They are extremely aggressive and are known to terrorize other fish. In the wild, they eat large crustaceans, insects and small fish. In your aquarium, they will pretty much eat anything!

Red Terrors are beautiful fish, though. They have amazing red, yellow and orange colors with some black. When setting up an aquarium for the Red Terror Cichlid you will need a few specific things. If your Red Terror fish are juveniles, you will need at least a 55 gallon fish tank. Once they become adults you will need at least a 100 gallon aquarium. Provide plenty of swimming room and also have some caves for hiding. I wouldn’t recommend using live plants or small decorations because they will probably rip them up or move them! Also, you will need good filtration if you have a big tank. Canister filters will probably work best, Fluval is a good brand.

See below for additional Red Terror Care and Information. If you would like to talk about your fish or aquariums, hit up Wet Talk Forums!

Red Terror Cichlid

Scientific Name: Cichlasoma festae
Natural Habitat: Central America, Ecuador and Columbia.
Common Names: Red Terror.
Beginner Fish: No, the are VERY aggressive.
Adult Size: Up to 16 inches.
Life Span: 8 – 10 Years.
Tank Mates: They will do best as singles. But you can mix them with other larger cichlids of the same temperment. Use caution and keep a close eye when mixing fish. The Red Terror is a killer!
Tank Size: At least 100 gallons.
Tank Region: Everywhere.
Water Temperature: 76°F – 80°F
Water pH: 7 – 7.8
Feeding: They will accept all types of food including live, flakes, and pellets.